I had started getting ready for bed when I heard a gun shot. The windows even shook. They were shooting by the tower! We got dressed quickly and ran out the door. When we got to the slope of Sudervės Street, you could hear some more gun shots. Two tanks that were standing in the intersection of Cosmonaut Prospect and Sudervės Street were firing. A crowd of people had blocked the way for both tanks and were chanting: “Lithuania!" “Fascists!" With their barrels pointed to the sky, the tanks fired and broke the windows of 4 nearby buildings. One tank was spreading balls of white smoke. They ranged over 50 meters, so they hit us too - they had a pungent smell and made people cough. The people stood firm. The driver of another tank was turning the tower and barrel of his tank to scare the people standing nearby. From time to time the tank would move, catch a nearby bus with its tracks or fender and crush it. The windows of the cars and buses that were parked closest to us were already broken from the impact of the shots.

Tanks were coming at us, but the crowd shouted: “Lithuania!" When only 5 or 6 meters were left between the tanks and the people, they stopped. In my range of vision there were 5 or 6 tanks. One of them stopped on the left of us, and another to the right, so searchlights were shining on us from both sides. The crowd didn't move and continued chanting: “Lithuania!" Suddenly I noticed 4 or 5 paratroopers jump out of each tank. Then a covered „Ural" personnel carrier drove up and more paratroopers poured out of it. I was stunned by their frozen faces and eyes of glass. Those weren't people. I didn't hear any kinds of orders or shouts, and I didn't notice them turn their heads or even flinch. They just came out from behind the tanks, lifted their guns, and fired a series of shots at the windows over the people's heads. Glass fell on our heads. You could hear screaming. We stayed on the road between the tanks and continued shouting “Lithuania!" On the left, paratroopers were hitting people over the shoulders with their guns. Somebody was shouting: “Doctor! Doctor!" People fell down, and paratroopers, shooting their guns, forced their ways through them and started to break inside. Suddenly a light tank appeared from the left side. Lighting its way with searchlights, it drove between the people who had fallen and the tanks that were standing there. People started screaming again. They heard somebody shouting: „We have taken power into our own hands, there is no sense in resisting. Go home!" My colleague Dr. K. Brusokas and three assistants were dragging an injured man through the grass to an ambulance. Soldiers, lined up in a chain with their guns aimed, marched towards us. Tanks followed them close behind. They shouted: “Behind the fence! Behind the fence!" The firing in the tower fell silent. I looked at my watch: it was quarter past three.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 224-225.