A.E. Senn, Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, the foremost and objective researcher on the contemporary history of Lithuania, a good proficient of current issues and sources of Lithuania. A coeditor of „Airaciai“ L. Mockunas says, „professor Alfred Erich Senn’s account is different in that he considers the interrelationship between Lithuania’s domestic problems and Moscow’s intervention. Prof. Senn was in Vilnius, Lithuania, during the events he describes, and his account is based on his personal observations as well as on his interviews which leading participants in the drama“.


This publication, presenting testimonies and flashbacks, pictures and the historic chronicle of those days is intended for the 20-year commemoration of January events in Lithuania. Presented thoughts of a Member of the European Parliament R. Morkunaite-Mikeleniene and a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Lithuania A. Azubalis about events of January. A. Azubalis is writing: „During the twenty years of Independence, a new generation of citizens grew up in a free Lithuania. For them the events of the night of the 13th of January constitute a great, painful and astonishing secret, which is revealed to them by their parents. The responsibility of the Republic of Lithuania is to make this secret as widely known as possible, also to the family of European nations. And to do so without keeping a convenient silence“.

„The 13 January case remains open and is still far from being closed. There are many doubts as to the investigation, which has lasted over 20 years. This affects and cripples the consciousness of the public in one way or another and undermines the credibility of the state. After all, people have the right to know.
Who gave the orders?
Who escaped responsibility?
Who failed to fulfil their duty to the Republic of Lithuania?
The book you have in your hands does not pretend to give the final answers, which ultimately fall within the jurisdiction of the court. It only states facts (documents, eyewitness accounts, and publicly declared ideas from those days about the occupation of the country and the defence of the state) and the facts speak for themselves”, - writing Vytautas Landsbergis in an “Introduction Address to the kind reader“.