When the first and second floors were taken over, the lights in the tower went out (only a red signal light was on). Then the lights went on in each floor, up to the eighth. This was followed by a long silence which lasted for about half an hour. There was another long period of firing inside until a light went on in the restau¬rant. If they were speaking the truth when they said that so far there were no dead or wounded to be found inside, then what were the paratroopers firing at after that half an hour of silence? And they were really shooting for a long time. After some time the red signal lamps went out too. When the firing subsided, we were standing below, by the embankment. We thought it was odd that a group of young men in civilian clothing were standing on the slope by the paratroopers, and were giving them cigarettes and talking with them. Then they went down the slope, grabbed a poster which read: „Okupanty domoj!" („Occupants go home!") and ripped it up. That was so unbelievable that nobody could make out what was going on. But someone explained that they were all drunk, that not one of them could pronounce a single word in Lithuanian (they spoke only Russian), and that they looked a lot like “petition carriers" at the Board of Ministers or Parliament. Not a single person from the crowd doubted that they were KGB provocateurs, and that they weren't playing the last role in this “operation".

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 141.