...It seems that after midnight one of the guards by the entrance gave a warning over a megaphone: „People, among us are paratroopers dressed as civilians. They do not speak Lithuanian, they walk in groups of 2 or 3, and they are wearing civilian jackets, although their paratrooper boots and pants are visible. They have just arrived by bus..."

It was already about 2:20 am. They were shooting the whole time. There was a group of military vehicles, including a tank and a searchlight (there were a few searchlights) by the asphalt entrance to the tower grounds from the tower square. From that group of vehicles you could hear an appeal read on behalf of the “National Salvation Committee", by J. Jermalavičius. For some reason, the following announcement was made in Russian: „any form of resistance or con¬frontation is senseless. We do not want blood to be shed. Go home, your mothers and fathers are waiting for you there, go home. All power has been passed into the hands of the Salvation Committee, which represents the interests of workers and the peasants and which shall defend socialism. Our principles are humane („nasi principy - čelovečnyje")." All these words were accompanied by machine-gun fire...

The entire street was shouting and chanting. On the tower grounds, tracer bullets and flares were periodically fired in the air. I thought that all of those courageous young people would be shot immediately. Their ranks did grow thinner - at first gradually, and then noticeably. When they fell down, their friends would support them. A vehicle stopped; the only light was coming from the tower grounds. In the glow of that light, some paratroopers began to approach the people standing there. They said something to each person, and then the person would kneel down. The vehicle drove up to one of them again. Lit up, he stood alone, bowing down. You couldn't see where the others were. A paratrooper went up to him, and said something. Then he fired two series of shots at the ground between the person and himself. They were probably tracer bullets because you could see two “fountains" of light. I'm not sure what the bullets could have rebounded off of though because there's only moist, black soil there. The young man crouched down from pain. The paratrooper walked away and the vehicle went in reverse, but then it stopped and turned on its lights again. The paratrooper went up to another guy who was kneeling, said something, and then did something to him with his right hand. The guy crouched down even more and fell. Other paratroopers did the same. Those young men were probably stabbed. One young man tried to climb over the fence, and a soldier “encouraged" him with some beating. However the guy was already weak and fell back... When I was returning, there was a military vehicle stopped at the intersection of Viršuliškės and Karoliniškės by the turn to the city. About 6 teenagers of various heights got into the vehicle, and of them, 2 - or even 3 - got right into the cabin. They were at the National Defense Department in Viršuliskės, when it was taken over. They were particularly adroit, they spoke Lithuanian, and they were using bad language.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 145-146.