maciuleviciusIt wasn't easy for Jonas and Adele Maciulevčius to make a living - they were both workers. They raised two sons. They hoped that they would comfort them in their old age... And suddenly a painful loss - their younger son Vidas is shot dead by the television tower.
Several days later I phone Vidas' mother.
-I am going to a funeral again. This time I am burying my mother. She was weak and was sick - she was ninety, an old woman. But who would have believed that I would bury my son first? - says this woman, overtaken by misfortune.
Vidas Maciulevičius was born in September 1966. Not only his parents looked after him in his childhood. When they left for work, his young brother Rimas, who was five years older than him, looked after him. The brothers were very attached to eachother. According to Vidas' wife, they used to work together and rest together. Later, when they already had families, they liked to spend their holidays all together. So they used to go in Rimas' car to some lake or to the seaside. That night they were also together, while their wives stayed at home to look after the children. They stood next to eachother, not moving apart. One bullet was fatal - it hit Vidas in the back. When they took him to the hospital they confirmed that he was already dead. Rimas was wounded in the hand. We are sitting and talking with Aušra Maciulevičienė in their small hostel room.
-We dreamt about buying a flat, we were saving...
Aušra is a native of Vilnius. She graduated from trade technical school and worked in „Saturnas" bookstore. Then their son Simukas was born and they faced other concerns.
She met Vidas four years ago. At the time, he was a student at VISI (Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute) - a tall, handsome man. He was a passionate basketball fan and played basketball himself at school. Soon he got married. After he got married he gave up his studies because he had to feed his family.
-Vidas never avoided any kind of job, - tells Aušra. - Even from his childhood he was used to being self-reliant. He was never looking for an easy job, and he never cheated.
-Like most young families, we were short of everything, - continues Aušra. - Vidas was the only one who worked. He didn't take vacations, even in summer. Together with his father and brother, he earned a living building houses. She adds:
-I lost my best friend, the person I was closest to... Now life seems so empty. Our small room is so spacious.
I try to comfort her, saying she's got a son. The continuation of his father... The baby is only two. He loved his father very much and used to wait for him to return, as he always found time to play with his son. Simukas was stroking his father's head. He said that he was sleeping. He'll sleep a bit, rest, and then play with him again...

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