jankauskasAlong with his younger brother Marius and his friends, Rolandas Jankauskas went to the TV tower long before the beginning of the horrible events. None of them had any misgivings, as the thought had never occurred to them that in 30 minutes or an hour, the people present would be crushed by tanks and shot at.
-A terrifying night - even now when he remembers, Rolandas' brother winces. He doesn't feel safe even at home - the windows and doors seem insecure. Marius was shocked by his brother's death. It wasn't long ago that he had waited for him to return from the army - he was stronger, older - like a support...
When the shooting began and it got chaotic, the brothers lost sight of each other. Marius rushed to rescue his girlfriend who had been stunned by an explosion. When he got home he didn't find Rolandas there. He calmed his parents down - acting as if he had seen him carrying a frightened girl out of the excited crowd...
On Sunday, those who could get broadcasting from Kaunas TV saw an unidentifiably injured face on the screen..
Rolandas' relatives and close friends, still not foreboding anything, waited the entire day. Their television did not show the Kaunas station. The eyes of a mother would probably recognize her son even if he had changed. In the evening they began searching. An explosive that had been thrown by paratroopers had hit Rolandas in the face... His body was badly injured. It was difficult to recognize him. There was still a glimmer hope - maybe it's not him? But his sailor shirt left no doubt...
„Rolandas Jankauskas was born on January 2, 1969 in Vilnius. He studied at secondary school Nr.34. After finishing 8th grade, he entered Vilnius electro-mechanic technical school. In 1987, he became a student at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. He was drafted into the army that same year. He served in the navy in Vladivostok for 3 years. In November of 1990 he returned home. On January 13th, 1991 he was killed by Soviet paratroopers." In my hands I hold the short biography of a son written by his father.
--He was gentle and bright, - says his father.
Bronislovas Jankauskas, originally from Gruzdžiai, is Rolandas' father. He studied to be a choral conductor at Vilnius Conservatory. His mother is Galina -a Russian from Altai. She came to Lithuania to do practice. And stayed there. They brought up 2 sons.
Rolandas as well as his younger brother had an inclination for technical scien¬ces. He didn't do that well at school, although later, at technical school, he was an excellent student. He used to participate in mathematic olympiads. A former javelin thrower, his tall, strong appearance concealed his sensitive nature. When the „rebirth" began in Lithuania, Rolandas was far away - he was serving in the army. He wrote that everything was going well and asked his family not to worry. Having heard more than once about torture and beating in the army, his parents were still anxious - maybe he wasn't telling the truth? When Rolandas returned for his vocation, he assured his parents that he hadn't been beaten by anyone. Perhaps this was because it's dangerous to bother a strong, tough young man.

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