jukneviciusOh, that Rimantas Juknevičius character: always defend people who are weak or who have been wronged, and hold back impudent people and hooligans. You can still hear his words: „lf not me, then who?"
Friends of the deceased young man said that at the television tower, Rimas had been in a good mood. Everyone was dancing and singing. Chilled to the bone, they drank coffee and ate sandwiches that residents of Vilnius had brought. The attackers rushed out of the darkness and began to throw explosives into the crowd. Rimas encouraged his friends not to move back one step. The people around them were falling from the crash of cannons. He remained standing like an oak-tree. Then he was knocked down by an unexpected bullet. Vytautas Juozapavičius, a student from Marijampolė who had been standing nearby, rushed over to carry Rimas away. He felt blood flowing through his fingers. His friends took him to Santariškės Clinical Hospital. Unfortunately...
Vanda Juknevičiene is a physical education teacher at Marijampolė secondary school Nr. 5. Tall and athletic, she is compassionate to anyone who needs attention or support. The pupils love her. Her husband, Rimantas Juknevičius, is a director at the industrial training center, where qualified workers are trained for the country.
-We have all of Lithuania in our family: Vanda is a Lowlander, I am a Highlander, the children are Sūduva. We brought up three sons. The eldest, Henrikas, graduated from Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute and now works at the regional construction organization. He builds magnificent houses. Rimas was a fourth year student of radio-electronics at Kaunas Technological University. The youngest, Tomukas, is a seventh-grade pupil. All of the brothers are excellent sportsmen. Rimas was a basketball player.
And so the parents brought up their children - let them be strong both physically and spiritually. Their son Henrikas also left his home that horrible night and rushed to J. Basanavičius Square near the Marijampolė local government. Who knows: maybe they need help there too.
-Don't think that our family is distinguished for anything. We're like everyone. We live modestly. We're not looking for wealth or glory. A good child is our happiness and comfort, -1 hear Vanda's soft voice of a teacher.
The father adds:
-We don't spoil our sons. In summer Rimas and Henrikas work in the garden, carry bricks, and do all kinds of chores.
On August 9 of this year Rimas would have been celebrating the 25th summer of his youth. After he graduated from Marijampolė secondary school, he entered Kaunas Technical school, because they didn't usually draft boys into the army from there. But that year they took everyone. While in the army, some senior soldiers - hooligans - tried to humiliate and use Rimas, but he was able to defend himself. After he returned, he entered Kaunas Technological University.
-A long time ago I had a presentment that Lithuania wouldn't prosper without victims, - there is pain and understanding of the price of freedom in the father's voice.
Henrikas, the eldest son, agrees with him: We would all repeat our brother's actions without hesitation.

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