While I was at the TV tower, the first tank assault began below by the viaduct. Gun shots and a smoke bomb were fired. I was standing behind the TV center on Sudervės Street by two sand trucks. Soon I noticed a tank approaching. The people wanted to stop it, but the tank, going at a high speed, started to push the crowd towards the sand trucks. When there were about 20 or 30 meters left, the people began to move to the sides. Two men stayed in front of the tank. One of them, an older man, was holding onto the armor on the right side. The other man was younger, and was lying on the armor on the left side of the tank. Setting his feet on the ground, he was trying not to fall off. When the tank approached the sand trucks and began to crush it, the man who was on the tank's right side slipped off and disappeared under the tracks. The younger one, probably feeling the pressure on his back, turned to look at the sand truck. Terror-stricken, he raised his arms, but the tank continued to crawl. That man's body also disappeared under the tank's tracks. The sand truck was crushed, and only a flattened piece of metal was left of the cab and engine. After the tank had switched on its searchlights and directed them at the TV tower, it turned to the left, and crushing young trees, began to crawl up the hill towards a grove. Then it crawled forward and aimed its gun towards our side. A shot sounded and the people, frightened, jumped to the side. Once the tank had climbed the hill and made its way through the crowd, trucks with paratroopers began to arrive.

I ran up to the crushed vehicle, but the people that had been killed weren't there. Stepping aside, I saw one corpse lying on the ground among the trees, and the other by the ambulance. I saw all of this from about 10 or 15 meters away.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 96-97.