By the TV tower, between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. on January 13th, Apolinaras Povilaitis (I think - I can't say for sure) was shot before my eyes. In the newspaper I saw his picture among the people who had been murdered and recognized him.

Everything was as follows: Povilaitis and I were standing side by side near the tanks and the paratroopers. None of the people by us showed any resistance to the officers. The officers were standing by the wall of the tower, and the armored vehicles and tanks were across from them on an asphalt path. I watched as an officer ran to the line of paratroopers - he was middle-aged, without a helmet, fair-haired, of medium height and of slight build. He gave some directions by waving his hands. Then he was the first to attack the people - his face was ferocious. Cursing, he beat everyone with the butt of his gun, and then the other officers followed suit. In their hands they had tommy guns, chains, metal cudgels and sticks which had some sort of rag hanging from the end of them. The officers were continually firing at people's legs and over their heads, and they often aimed the barrel of their guns at people's chests. The people began to move from the tower.
Povilaitis and I got stuck between the officers while other people began to move back a little. Povilaitis was a bit closer to the officers than I was. An officer ran right up to him. Povilaitis wanted to say something, but the officer pushed him and rested the butt of his gun on his chest. Someone lost their balance and hit the officer as they were falling down. The officer looked back, turned around a bit, and shot at Povilaitis.

In the meantime, more intensive firing began, and as I was turning around I saw one guy who had fallen down. But people ran over to him and carried him away. I rushed over to Povilaitis. When I bent down and touched his side, I noticed the smell of gunpowder and saw blood on my hands. Povilaitis showed no signs of life. Then I tried to lift him up, but it was too hard for me to do alone. Besides, tanks had started to move towards us. I started shouting for help. When people ran over, I rushed to find a doctor. While I was looking, the other people had already carried him behind the gates.

The officer who had shot him went on shouting, firing, and beating people with his gun. Then he disappeared behind the tanks. In a second the other murderers arrived, „to make order"...

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 144-145.