... Then paratroopers appeared, armed with sub-machine guns. In their hands they carried some sort of sticks, and on their heads they had helmets and visors. They didn't attack the crowd where I was standing, but rushed towards the entrance of the tower. Then the windows on the first floor began to shatter. People moved away from the wall, and then a tank began to move between the crowd of people and the wall of the tower, pushing the people away from the tower. The entire time they were shooting from tank barrels. Paratroopers were throwing explosives and firing their guns at the walls of the tower. Apparently they weren't using blanks, as you could see sparks when the bullets hit the concrete walls. I saw a person carrying a man on his shoulders towards the fence. Another man with a bloody head was being led in the same direction. You could hear shouting: ”Doctor, doctor!" I saw another person being carried by four people. It was hard for the ambulance to take the wounded away because military vehicles had blocked Sudervės Street and wouldn't move. I went down the slope and I saw that all the windows of a “Latvija" mini-bus which was parked on the side of Sudervės Street had been knocked out, and the windshield of an orange VAZ vehicle had also been broken. Cars which were parked nearby were the same - their windows were broken out and their bodies were damaged. I spotted a covered military vehicle (I think it was a „Ural") and a LAZ bus ap-proaching. On the viaduct across Cosmonaut Prospect, about 100 people in civilian clothing jumped out of them, formed a column, and turned towards the TV tower. Soon, it was announced over a loudspeaker that all of the power in Lithuania had passed into the hands of the National Salvation Committee, and they ordered the people to disperse. Tank and machine-gun fire continued even though none of our people were left anywhere on territory of the TV tower.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 241-242.