We were in the hostel on Kareivių Street (7a) late January 12th. Suddenly we heard the roaring of tanks. After a few minutes there was a similar sound. We got in the car and overtook a column of military vehicles at Viršuliškės. Then we understood the aim of their procession.

We passed the column and rushed to the TV tower to warn the crowd. However, the first tanks from an earlier column had already arrived.

We left the car on the shoulder of Cosmonaut Prospect and ran towards the hill of the tower. People who earlier had been dancing and singing ran over and blocked the road from the tanks and armored vehicles. We joined the crowd. At that time, the column of military vehicles that we had passed in Viršuliškės arrived. As far as I could understand in the tumult of darkness and noise, the column surrounded the tower not from Cosmonaut Prospect, but from the other side. Our crowd didn't withdraw from the tank that was spinning around and frightening everybody with its barrel. They tried to scare us by shooting too. However, it was done in vain, as the people didn't get frightened. An armored vehicle tried to get through the crowd, but again, the people wouldn't withdraw. When it started moving forward, the first row of people grabbed onto the front of it and went with it. You could hear tank shots at the entrance to the administra¬tive block of the tower. When we heard gun shots from the direction of the tower, we ran up the hill towards the fence. Unfortunately, armored vehicles were already there, and powerful searchlights were flashing on the people. Soldiers were ominously going right up to them and firing at their feet.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 214.