... When I ran to the television tower it was already surrounded by tanks, so I stood on the outskirts. When the first tank arrived, a person ran over and showed the driver where to go. I had a good view as the paratroopers climbed up the stairs and broke the windows with the butts of their guns. Then people encircled the tower. I could still recognize the person who had shown the way for the tanks: he was about forty, and was wearing a light-colored cap and a safari jacket. When the tanks surrounded the tower, he made a sign for them to stop. I knew that when there's shooting you have to open your mouth and cover your ears, but since I had a bag in one hand, I could only cover one ear. The ear that I didn't cover was injured.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 109.