It was the night before the 13th of January. At about 12:40 I saw approaching tanks. One of the soldiers from a tank waved his hand for me to stop, because they were going through a red light. There were 8 vehicles in the column: three heavy tanks, one light tank, and four armored vehicles. I left my car not far from my house and my daughter and I went to the tower on foot. Three armored vehicles stopped on the bridge and blocked the road, and one tank stopped before crossing the bridge. Others, driving up to the human barrier, stopped. The first tank began to shoot. It fired twice. Behind it stood an armored vehicle and one other tank which fired once. The tank at the very end that had been left behind the bridge fired once as well. Then you could already hear firing by the tower, and powerful searchlights began to shine. We went towards the tower. Bullets were flying over the people's heads. Then we retreated down the slope. I watched as a crowd of people surrounded an armored vehicle - the vehicle moved forward a bit, and the people did the same, and then the armored vehicle moved back, and the people pulled back too. Then the armored vehicle (it was No. 221) suddenly moved forward, right into the people. The people began to shout. The ambulances weren't allowed to drive up - the road had been blocked - so people were running with the wounded. I can't really say how many there were. The first tank was moving its barrel right in the people's eyes and then it broke the windows of a bus with its barrel. Another time it hit a lamp-post and the light went out. At 3:50, a yellow PAZ-652 bus drove onto the bridge. Its license plate number was 62-63 LLS. It was carrying collaborators who, lining up, marched to the tower. In the front of this group was a woman who was shouting something and waving her hands.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 134.