When we got to the tower, we saw that tanks were blocking the way for the people. The tanks were emitting smoke screens, and shooting into the air over the people. My wife and 1 ran to the fence of the tower. With some men, we decided that the attack would come from the forest. We broke through the fence and ran there (my wife stayed on the other side of the fence once we had decided where to meet). When we got there it was still quiet. But soon tanks and armored vehicles appeared. Some tanks drove alongside the fence, and then broke through it. The people didn't panic, they just chanted: “Lithuania! Freedom!" Armored vehicles and personnel carries surrounded a part of the tower. Paratroopers got out. I can't exactly say how many vehicles there were. The paratroopers gathered together and at first tried to beat the people with metal sticks -l think they were the ”fingers" from the tanks. They were aiming at the people's heads. We defended ourselves with our bare hands. They gave no warning before the assault. They simply attacked. We tried to defend ourselves -l saw that some other men had already knocked the sticks out of their /the paratroopers'/ hands. Then the paratroopers, grouped together in the shape of a triangle, attacked. One man in the middle of the group stood out because he had a different uniform and his appearance was also quite different. I suppose he was a civilian. People were being beaten by gun butts and metal strips, and packets of explosives were being thrown. People were standing at the nearest distance possible. I heard a tommy gun being loaded. Without turning around I leapt up. They opened fire. Those were the first shots. I felt as if an electric current had run through my body. When I fell to the ground, I lost sensation in the lower part of my body. Lifting my head, I saw two young men fall dawn. Then another man as well as a paratrooper. He didn't budge. The two young men had been closer to the people, so some of the people carried them away. Soon I was also picked up off the ground and carried to an ambulance. The ambulance was already full, so they laid me down on the ground. When I was being carried away, I heard an announcement over the loudspeaker: „AII power has been taken by the National Committee for the Defense of Citizens, which represents the true interests of the working people!"

In the ambulance they couldn't do much to help, as they had already run out of bandages. They were giving injections of painkillers. The young man lying in the ambulance died, so they put me where he had been. We stood there for what seemed like a really long time because the road was blocked. Now it's been concluded that I was shot through both of my hips. In one of them they found a (centrifugal) bullet. I can't move or feel one of my legs. They suspect the nerves are broken.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 106- 107.