After 1 a.m. (I don't know the exact time) a rumor spread that something bad was taking place by the television tower. I ran to my car and rushed towards the tower past the Pedagogical Institute. On the way I picked up a few people who were also rushing there. At the exit from Žvėrynas, we caught up with a column of armored vehicles. We left half of it behind. A lot of cars were driving in the left lane. At the entrance to Cosmonaut Prospect the road was blocked by armored vehicles. After turning towards the Press House, we drove onto Cosmonaut Prospect, along which another column of armored vehicles and tanks was already rolling towards the television tower. At first we could still drive side by side with the column, but in a little while, one armored vehicle intentionally blocked the road. I just barely managed to turn on the green line... The windows of the cars and buses that were parked between the tank and the hill of the tower shattered from the sound of the first shoot. At the critical moment, somebody started singing „Ant Kalno Mūrai" („Stone Houses on the Hill"). After that w sang other songs, and chanted “Lithuania!", “Occupants!" and other catchwords. The tanks driver didn't dare to drive through the people, although he maneuvered back and forth many times. Later, the infuriated soldiers started waving the tank barrel as if it were a club: it could move back and forth until it reached human height and it could move sideways at the distance of about 1 meter from the ground. Most of the time the tank aimed its barrel at the people's faces, but even this didn't scare us and we didn't withdraw. While maneuvering, the tank smashed the front of a bus that was parked on the side and hit a lamp-post with its barrel - the light went out.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 234-235.