At about 2 p. m. on January 11,1991, we got stuck in atraffic jam as we went up the hill along Žiugždos Street tovvards the Press House. At that time, three tanks sped up the hill on the wrong side of the street. First, the tanks drove on the asphalt, then on the green lawn, crushing everything (the grass and the plants). Then I left my car there and ran towards the Press House. There the tanks were lined up as such: one tank had its gun turned parallel to Žiugždos Street towards the city where various cars had crowded together on the road; another tank was aiming at the space between the Press House and the „Lithuanian Press" building; and the third tank was aimed at the crowd standing by the main entrance of the Press House. At that time, a lot of armored personnel carriers were standing alongside the Press House, and the paratroopers were lined up nearby, armed with sub-machine guns.

I was 3 or 4 meters away from the front of the second tank when it fired. Everyone nearby was deafened by the blow - my ears were ringing and I couid hardly hear anything. Then I got my hearing back and heard volleys of shots. I turned around and above the main entrance I saw bullets riddling the Press House.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 92-93.