On that tragic night of January 12th, a number of foreign television stations were filming by the television center itself, including: TV YLE (Finland); SVT-1 and SVT-2 (Sweden); Norwegian television; ARD and ZDF (Germany); ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN (United States); NTV, NHK, TV Asahi, and Fuji TV (Japan); TF-1 (France); TV-1 (Denmark); ITN and TVAM (England); and some television stations from Spain.

Paratroopers took about 50,000 U.S. dollars worth of videocameras from British ITN, French TF-1, Norwegian TV, Spanish TV and American ABC. Montage equipment from Swedish SVT-1 worth about 50,000 U.S. dollars was left in the captured television building. Foreign television stations demanded that the authorities of the occupants return the equipment. They were told that all of the equipment had been registered and sent to Moscow. One of the Norwegian television correspondents was stripped of both his camera and his work papers. In the opinion of a representative of the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it will be difficult for him to get a new accreditation because by participating in the Lithuanian television programs and by broadcasting the material his station filmed showing tanks and troops taking over the Vilnius Press House, this journalist would be interfering in the internal affairs of the Soviet Union.

Journalists from Norway, England, France, and Spain were beaten. One Spanish cameraman was beaten so badly that he couldn't continue working and after 2 days he had to return to Spain.
Material from these events was broadcast in a number of different countries the next day. Scenes filmed by amateurs were broadcast from Kaunas to different countries that same morning.

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