The tank shot woke me up, and I could hear machine gun series. Through the window I saw a column of 8 tanks. While I was running to the TV Center, armored vehicles turned around, and having made a passage through the crowd, stopped across from the RTV building. Paratroopers got out and stood in 2 rows on both sides of the street, their backs and faces to the crowd. Then, according to their command, the paratroopers fired into the air and attacked the people with their sticks. Others fired at the windows and forced their way inside. People collapsed by the wall, dizzy from the sticks and gun butts. Some of them tried to get up, but the cursing paratroopers ran down the stairs and kicked them and hit them with sticks. The paratroopers didn't let us help the people who were lying down and they fired into the air. One paratrooper who couldn't put up with the shouts and curses of the people cursed himself and fired a series into the air. In one leap I ducked behind a car. One man didn't move back - instead he went up to the paratroopers. I saw as the soldier and the person fell down. Hiding behind cars, I ran to an ambulance. A doctor said that it was impossible to drive right up because there were cars parked everywhere. Later I noticed that people had gathered there. The person who had fallen was an older man, not tall, and was wearing a brown coat. Every now and then there was a shot from a tank (I remember exactly 4 shots). They were using noise and light charges where there were more people. The whole time ambulances were working. A tank searchlight was on, and paratroopers were firing at the lit-up windows.

After some time, two buses (a LAZ and an Ikarus) with covered windows arrived, and between them was a black Volga car with curtained windows. Through the covered windows of the buses you could see civilians with red bands on their sleeves. There was an incident by the Ikarus bus. One young man rushed over to the door of the bus. He was hit with a rubber stick on the bridge of his nose.

All of those “military supporters" equipped with rubber sticks (by the way, the sticks were light-colored, not black) deftly made their way to the garden which was blocked by paratroopers. The people from the Volga also went there. I helped a wounded man stop his bleeding.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 169-170.