I was running to the Lithuanian Radio and Television Center when I heard people shouting: .There's tanks by the television tower!" Going towards the Center, I heard powerful shots at the TV tower as well as series of machine gun fire. On the way, I saw a military ambulance (RAF model) coming from Požėlos Street to Konarskio Street, followed by 3 tanks and then a covered vehicle with antennae, and behind them came more tanks and covered vehicles. By the way, there were officers inside the ambulance. As soon as the tanks and trucks stopped opposite the people, soldiers appeared dressed in camouflage and carrying tommy guns. Without saying anything, they threw explosives behind the people, towards the Center. The packets were exploding, and the paratroopers attacked the people, firing their tommy guns, kicking the people, and beating them with the butts of their guns. Clearing the way in this manner, the paratroopers quickly ran to the door of the Radio Center, but it was firmly shut. Then we pressed the paratroopers against the door and tried to push them off the stairs, but we didn't really succeed because the railing got in the way. The paratroopers quickly made another group between the buses and the Center. I noticed that their leader was really paunchy. Once again, they brutally attacked the people. An average-sized man in civilian clothing gave the paratroopers orders. The paratroopers fired at the people, kicked them, and beat them with their guns and other hard things. Turning towards the Center, I noticed some civilians lying on the ground, not moving. At the same time I noticed another person fall into a burning bonfire that people at the Center had been warming themselves by. The person's shoulders, neck, and head were in flames, but he didn't have any reaction. Most likely, he was unconscious. I rushed to the bonfire, grabbed the person's right arm, dragged him out of the fire, and laid him on the ground. Then another man appeared next to me, but a paratrooper hit him with something. I glanced to the right and saw that I was about to be hit in the neck. I managed to lean forward so I was hit on my shoulders and it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, I didn't notice another paratroopers who appeared and hit me on my right side with his gun. When I regained my strength, I noticed that my hat was some 5 meters away from me. When I rushed over to get it, the paratrooper attacked me again, but I grabbed my hat and managed to hide behind a parked car.

It's hard to recount that terrible nightmare: explosions, shooting, smoke, powerful shots from tanks, shattering glass, people screaming.
I saw a woman whose leg had an open fracture, and another person whose leg was broken. Later, on the 14th and 15th of January, I saw paratroopers looting the buses on which the people who guarded the RTV Center had arrived.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 173-174.